Sunday, May 16, 2010

Breakfast at Liberty's

Another rainy Sunday so I took a trip into town to get some fabric inspiration for the 1950's style dress I'm making. My favourite London fabric shop is The Cloth House on Berwick Street in Soho. They sell the most gorgeous plain and simple fabrics - I love their selection of ticking and seersucker but they also have a huge selection vintage ribbons and crocheted lace trimmings. They have some printed cottons too - some floral but mostly with an Indian / Moroccan influence (I think?).

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For my 1950's dress though I knew I wanted something with a pattern.

My favourite place for patterns (and maybe my favourite place in general?) Is Liberty. Seeing all the bolts of printed fabrics in one place can be a little overwhelming and makes it difficult to choose just one. I've been popping in on my lunch breaks a bit over the last couple of weeks and gradually got some criteria for my pattern.

I decided my print had to be floral and I liked the idea of using shades of blue. I wanted something with a vintage feel but not too 'Stepford Wives'. Also the size of the print is important - most of the Tana lawn Liberty prints are tiny so tend to work better on smaller items. Because the skirt of my dress is quite full I wanted a slightly bigger print so it could be seen more clearly. If you're not familiar with Liberty prints, go to the fabric section of their website and scroll through the designs - you'll see why it's hard to choose just one!.

In the end I chose 'Betsy A' - The one in the top right.

Clearly this picture doesn't do it justice but I'll post some proper pictures once I've bought the fabric (payday). Another thing, I had assumed that they would all be dry clean only / hand wash because they feel so delicate and silky but no, the sales assistant told me that they are all washable at 30 degrees and wear really nicely. This makes it completely practical in my opinion.

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