Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girls keep swinging

My Mum just sent me this photo of her knitting.

Seriously how cute is this? She's knocked up a couple of these little 1940's jumpers from A Stitch in Time. Heavy recommendations for this knitting book. She's big into the swing dance scene and travels around the suburbs to find these little jumping parties in scout huts and village halls. I wish I could do this. I went to a swing dance class at the 100 Club (historical venue) earlier in the year. It was super crowded but good fun. The beginners class is quite awkward as there are never enough men to go round so the women have to form a circle and rotate round the room swapping partners, then every so often you find yourself on your own. After the lesson though a swing band took to the stage and everyone starts free-styling all over the place. It was sick. I got asked to dance a couple of times too.

All in all though I will add swing dancing to my list of 'things I assumed I would be brilliant at but actually require patience and practice.' Also on this list? Musical instruments, tennis and singing.

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