Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot town summer in the city

The sun was shining this weekend and nothing was achieved. Except a sun burnt nose. I'm so excited to have the whole summer ahead of me to cycle along the canals, drink beer in the park and BBQ on my rooftop.

I expect things will wind down slightly on the crafts front as the only portable craft I do is knitting and I just can't get excited about big jumpers when its 79F outside. In fact most of the things I do lend themselves to Autumn / Winter - Even jam and chutney making need to be done in early Autumn to make the most of the harvest. The summer is a good time for dressmaking though as its warm enough to wear all the lovely fabrics I want to use.

I'm looking forward to my one and only festival this year: The Secret Garden Party. My friends and I are having fun thinking of costume ideas. I'm planning on visiting a few markets / charity shops over the next month looking to enhance my wardrobe so am looking forward to sharing my finds here.

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