Monday, May 3, 2010

Nice going Monday

Yesterday was like being wrapped in a giant ball of cotton wool. It felt good today to get out in the cold and go for a walk down Brick Lane. Most of the market was closed but I haven't got any money anyway. Having said that I am going to pick up my dress pattern tomorrow and spend this week browsing and re-browsing fabric shops. I like having a sewing project and a knitting project on the go at once - sewing or dressmaking always feels like an industrious day time activity but knitting is a cosy evening thing to do.

Tonight I finished knitting the last piece of my jumper. I'll have to do some more work on it because one arm is way longer than the other but then can sew up the seams and rock out.

Back to work with a bang tomorrow -

On Thursday this week I'm going to visit me Mam because I'm still registered to vote back home (the polling station is at my old infant school in fact). She's making fondue after. Remind me to take photos of (or just take) her old Nova magazines from the 1970's.

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