Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reading Rolling Stone, reading Vogue.

I've got to get me some new threads. The situation here is critical. Yesterday I set aside all my tights and socks for darning (they all have holes) which makes sense - they're good tights and socks, they're the only ones I've got and I can't afford any more. I couldn't do it though? Too depressing. You know when you run your wardrobe into the ground to the point where you go to the shops and despair because one screen printed t-shirt from Urban Outfitters isn't going to lift the whole quality of your 'drobe and suddenly provide a myriad of options?

Anyway this month I've got to lie low (moving house last month hit me hard) but come pay day, you better believe you better believe! I'm going to get some black leggings, a big denim shirt, a boater hat, hopefully a shirt dress? A bra that doesn't rub and leave a permanent mark under my arm, socks without holes and pants that don't show through my leggings. New.Woman. Oh and if I carry on leaving off the cakes I might get some acid wash jeggins? I have a vision.

These are the vibes I want to give out:

These are the vibes I actually give out:

I don't want to stop acting like a dick though. Thinking about my old attempts at diary keeping this morning made me think about all my school day re-incarnations. Every term would bring a fresh look (usually inspired by whatever film we had last watched - Clueless mainly) but by the end of term I would turn around and be like 'damn, still me'. At the time I would think that no one could see what I was up to but I'm sure these attempts to re-invent myself were totally transparent, just like now!. Actually probably no one cared? Everyone was awkward. There was also a huge transformation which swept through the school overnight in year 11; all my friends who were into grunge and wearing boys boxers and glittery bracelets all the way up to their elbows turned up one day with braids, tracksuits, gold hoops and lip gloss and that was that. They were into hip hop from then on, no looking back.

I think maybe if you're not a super fashion person like me, but you have a strong idea of the style you would like to portray and how you would like to be interpreted, you can never tell when you're in the moment because you're too close to it? Like when I look at photos of my mum at my age, she looks so badass but when I tell her she's like, 'it ain't no thing, just a kids cricket jumper and a neck tie, they were the only clothes I had in my 20's'. Maybe when I look back on my youth I'll be like 'nice'. Hope so!

The images above were robbed from a variety of websites - my favourite are the second to last two of the girl in 'If'. Sick film.

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