Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Send the heat up!

Last night we watched Beaches. Somehow I hadn't heard about this film until now? This is the story of two best buds who are totally opposite - one loudmouth (Bette Midler) and one prissy snob (Barbara Hershey). Just like me and Kirsty! (JK) (kind of). My favourite bits are when they are just chillin' round the house and have to bang on the radiator with a sauce pan and shout 'send the heat up!'. And when they have little bedrooms with a window between them and sing Christmas songs.

Towards the end it gets sadder and sadder as they deal with the highs and lows of adult friendships (and death).

At the moment I'm reading a book about adolescent friendships: Dear Diary by Lesley Arfin. This woman brings the lols. It makes me want to dig out all my old diary's but at the same time also not? They're so embarrassing I can't look at them. Can't even think about them. There's a huge chunk missing from my main diary because I spent about 18 months chronicling day by day my progress with a boy I liked. So a 'good' day might be if we walked past each other in the corridor or stood near each other at lunchtime but a 'bad' day would be I didn't see him. Then one day I read back through all I had written and died of embarrassment. I think I ripped the pages out and burned them in the garden.

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