Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday girls

Super chilled Sunday vibes around here today. The Sunday paper supplements are strewn around the floor. I've been sitting in an arm chair bolstered by pillows knitting all day. Made a coffee with gingerbread syrup and the roof has just stopped leaking. So contented.

That aint no glass of white wine on the window ledge. That's the colour of the liquid that comes through the celing when it rains. Other methods for protecting the books include a cereal bowl and a t-shirt. Every now and then a drop falls lands on the ledge and splashes me in the face.

On the menu this evening is: wine, laughing, chilling, curry with peas, pinapple chunks, aubergine and mushrooms and easter eggs for pudding.

I'm sort of suprised at myself for staying in the whole day just because it's been raining. I'm glad I did though, I got a lot of work done on my knitting (a cable front jumper which I'll share another day). The sky's clearing p a bit now, it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I might bust out the bike.

Kirsty's bike got stolen from the hall so she made a poster with the headline 'Wot No Bike?!?'. When we went back the next day it looked like this.

(I added the kiss on Flickr to hide her mobile number but I wish they had sealed it with a kiss, since they took so much trouble to match the spray paint to the border of the paper)

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