Wednesday, June 23, 2010

God Bless Tiny Tim

How had I not heard of Tiny Tim until now? Apparently in America they laugh at him, I can't imagine why. He sings in a trembling falsetto but his music somehow sounds really modern. Sometimes he'll duet with himself and sing the women's part in his normal voice and put on a gruff mans voice for the mans part. Tiptoe Thru The Tulips is my fave but you want to listen to the whole of 'God Bless Tiny Tim'.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiptoe 'thru the tulips

This weekend's camping adventure was one of the best holidays of my life. We booked it on a whim the weekend before, then on Friday we piled into my dope ride and cruised down to Pett in East Sussex. We stayed at Pickham Farm, run by the lovely Tim and Anne. They have just one Tipi, tucked away in its own little field away from the roads and houses. Inside it's decorated with rugs, lanterns, quilts and cushions and has an 'Oz Pig' - a little wrought iron stove which makes it so cosy I could live there. Check out their website. The tipi is equipped with all the cooking utensils you need so you can just rock up with some food and start communing with nature straight away.

The two photos above were taken by Kate

When you first light the stove the tipi completely fills with smoke but then the wind draws it up through the hole in the top. It was so warm and cosy I almost wanted there to be a mad storm just so I could enjoy feeling snug. On our first morning we lit the gas stove and cooked vegetarian sausages, scrambled eggs and beans followed by some sweet coffee. The weather was typical for England at this time of the year - freezing cold rain one second and boiling hot sunshine the next. This didn't stop us going for a nice walk to the nearby village of Icklesham where we visited two local pubs (and enjoying some cider along the way of course). We first stopped in at The Robin Hood where we sampled a selection of ales, then we settled at The Queens Head where I ate one of my top lunches of all time - half a pint of prawns followed by lemon sole followed by treacle tart.
Some stone cold relaxing going on here

Coffee time! I love these enamel mugs

There were loads of animals hanging out all over the farm
You've got to make the most of the seafood when you're this close to the sea

Home sweet home

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tipi Holiday

This weekend was the coolest. A tipi with a fire inside, futons to sleep in, quilts to sleep under, ales, cider and seafood. More photos to follow.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Carry on camping

There's a massive holiday vibe at work today, everyone's hungover and looking forward to the football tonight. I'm going to miss it but I don't care, I'll be driving down to East Sussex with my home girls for a camping weekend. My rucksack (read: Kirsty's rucksack) now sticks out by about 2 feet and makes me feel like a snail. Half of it is taken up with a huge fisherman's jumper I found in the free clothes box in the stairwell of our building (its basically a corner where everyone dumps their unwanted clothes and household items).

I can't wait to wake up in the cold morning light tomorrow and be surrounded by green! We've got vegetarian sausages and eggs for breakfast. It's also the summer solstice which for some reason I always find really exciting? Last year at this time we were also camping at a rock festival in Wales. I naturally thought I was a genius for bringing a huge inflatable double mattress, a duvet and pillows. Unfortunately I hadn't taken the size of my £10 one man tent into consideration so when I inflated my mattress (in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain of course) it forced the sides of the tent out to such a degree that when I got into bed the roof of the tent was about 10cm away from my face. Waking up in the morning I had the sensation of lying under a blue piece of tarpaulin whilst the rain beat down inches from my nose. I actually nearly had a panic attack it was so claustrophobic.

Not this time!

Zen. Have good weekends everyone, see you on the flip side.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ales all round

On Sunday I met up with my good friends Kate & Lauren for one of our usual lunch and ale afternoons. They made a delicious salad of lettuce, basil, beetroot, mozzarella and sesame seeds which we had with asparagus (the seasons coming to an end). We began the afternoon with some cider and creme de cassis and finished with some Tanglefoot.

Kate and Martin are the authors of Magpie Inventions, a jewel of a blog where you can read about their adventures in making and doing. These guys have creativity in spades and I always come away from their house itching to get at my sewing machine or bake a cake. You can see Kate's latest project below, she's been tinting photos and I look forward to seeing more.

Lauren is the author of Prawn Again where you can read her reviews of fine ales and gardening activities.
We're going camping next weekend in East Sussex. There will be lots of long walks, cooking round the campfire and plenty of ales.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Big Sack Sweater


I love this jumper but maybe that's just because I made it myself? The most difficult part of the process was having my photo taken. I now have dozens of photos of myself modeling this jumper, each more awkward than the last and more than one in which I looked, to quote Kirsty, 'fat of face'.

It looks big and heavy but is actually quite light so perfect for rustic summer evenings round the campfire / rooftop bin fire. I hope to resemble a scene from the Toast catalog.

In other news we have a moth infestation at home. I flicked through the clothes rail yesterday and picked up a cardie I knitted a couple of years ago only to find it crawling with no less than 9 moths, each one laying their putrid eggs within the fibres, ready to munch holes in my garments through the winter and emerge by the dozen next spring. Things have got out of hand and I think I'm going to have to bring in some carcinogenic chemicals.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Happy weekend everyone. For once I'm not going to give myself a To Do list so long that I get defeated by it before I've even started. I'm off to do some stone cold sunbathing instead.

Serge Gainsbourg.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flowers in the attic

This is the situation: no handbag, no iphone, no wallet, no cash, no keys, no sunglasses, no 4 meters of Liberty print cotton I bought yesterday in preparation for a crafty weekend. This is what happens when you get hammered in Soho and put your bag down for two minutes while you dance to 'love cats' by The Cure.

The above is a post I began on Saturday but became too depressed to continue. I had lots of vague plans for the weekend - buying some clothes that don't have holes in and lounging in the park with friends but with no phone and no money neither of these were possible. So I went to my Mum's house instead for some rehab involving knitting (more about this later), cakes and wine.

Then on Monday, I got an email from the Bloomsbury Hotel to say they had found a black Mulberry handbag outside with some 'personal items' inside, including my email address. Long story short, I got everything back except my iphone and my wallet. Thank you universe.

Whilst at my Mums I began talking about my deep need for a straw boater hat and how I couldn't decide which style I wanted most - one with a squashed, flat top or a traditional, mens style. I also talked about my outfit ideas for the Secret Garden Party and where could I get some nice vintage flowery dresses from? Anyway, she disappeared into the attic for a few minutes and when she came back she was carrying these:

I just spent 10 minutes trying to make these pics all line up but have given up. The first one is my mums honeymoon dress from the 80's, the blue one is from when she was a bridesmaid in the 1970's.