Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ales all round

On Sunday I met up with my good friends Kate & Lauren for one of our usual lunch and ale afternoons. They made a delicious salad of lettuce, basil, beetroot, mozzarella and sesame seeds which we had with asparagus (the seasons coming to an end). We began the afternoon with some cider and creme de cassis and finished with some Tanglefoot.

Kate and Martin are the authors of Magpie Inventions, a jewel of a blog where you can read about their adventures in making and doing. These guys have creativity in spades and I always come away from their house itching to get at my sewing machine or bake a cake. You can see Kate's latest project below, she's been tinting photos and I look forward to seeing more.

Lauren is the author of Prawn Again where you can read her reviews of fine ales and gardening activities.
We're going camping next weekend in East Sussex. There will be lots of long walks, cooking round the campfire and plenty of ales.

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