Friday, June 18, 2010

Carry on camping

There's a massive holiday vibe at work today, everyone's hungover and looking forward to the football tonight. I'm going to miss it but I don't care, I'll be driving down to East Sussex with my home girls for a camping weekend. My rucksack (read: Kirsty's rucksack) now sticks out by about 2 feet and makes me feel like a snail. Half of it is taken up with a huge fisherman's jumper I found in the free clothes box in the stairwell of our building (its basically a corner where everyone dumps their unwanted clothes and household items).

I can't wait to wake up in the cold morning light tomorrow and be surrounded by green! We've got vegetarian sausages and eggs for breakfast. It's also the summer solstice which for some reason I always find really exciting? Last year at this time we were also camping at a rock festival in Wales. I naturally thought I was a genius for bringing a huge inflatable double mattress, a duvet and pillows. Unfortunately I hadn't taken the size of my £10 one man tent into consideration so when I inflated my mattress (in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain of course) it forced the sides of the tent out to such a degree that when I got into bed the roof of the tent was about 10cm away from my face. Waking up in the morning I had the sensation of lying under a blue piece of tarpaulin whilst the rain beat down inches from my nose. I actually nearly had a panic attack it was so claustrophobic.

Not this time!

Zen. Have good weekends everyone, see you on the flip side.

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