Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flowers in the attic

This is the situation: no handbag, no iphone, no wallet, no cash, no keys, no sunglasses, no 4 meters of Liberty print cotton I bought yesterday in preparation for a crafty weekend. This is what happens when you get hammered in Soho and put your bag down for two minutes while you dance to 'love cats' by The Cure.

The above is a post I began on Saturday but became too depressed to continue. I had lots of vague plans for the weekend - buying some clothes that don't have holes in and lounging in the park with friends but with no phone and no money neither of these were possible. So I went to my Mum's house instead for some rehab involving knitting (more about this later), cakes and wine.

Then on Monday, I got an email from the Bloomsbury Hotel to say they had found a black Mulberry handbag outside with some 'personal items' inside, including my email address. Long story short, I got everything back except my iphone and my wallet. Thank you universe.

Whilst at my Mums I began talking about my deep need for a straw boater hat and how I couldn't decide which style I wanted most - one with a squashed, flat top or a traditional, mens style. I also talked about my outfit ideas for the Secret Garden Party and where could I get some nice vintage flowery dresses from? Anyway, she disappeared into the attic for a few minutes and when she came back she was carrying these:

I just spent 10 minutes trying to make these pics all line up but have given up. The first one is my mums honeymoon dress from the 80's, the blue one is from when she was a bridesmaid in the 1970's.

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