Wednesday, June 23, 2010

God Bless Tiny Tim

How had I not heard of Tiny Tim until now? Apparently in America they laugh at him, I can't imagine why. He sings in a trembling falsetto but his music somehow sounds really modern. Sometimes he'll duet with himself and sing the women's part in his normal voice and put on a gruff mans voice for the mans part. Tiptoe Thru The Tulips is my fave but you want to listen to the whole of 'God Bless Tiny Tim'.

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  1. hey! HOPE things are oki. my phones brokien and so is my laptop keyboard so im out of comms apart from this strange way. if you fancy meeting for a drink after work, that'd be rad. and tiny tim lookis ace. lots of love, lookiing forward to the weekend. xxx


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