Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiptoe 'thru the tulips

This weekend's camping adventure was one of the best holidays of my life. We booked it on a whim the weekend before, then on Friday we piled into my dope ride and cruised down to Pett in East Sussex. We stayed at Pickham Farm, run by the lovely Tim and Anne. They have just one Tipi, tucked away in its own little field away from the roads and houses. Inside it's decorated with rugs, lanterns, quilts and cushions and has an 'Oz Pig' - a little wrought iron stove which makes it so cosy I could live there. Check out their website. The tipi is equipped with all the cooking utensils you need so you can just rock up with some food and start communing with nature straight away.

The two photos above were taken by Kate

When you first light the stove the tipi completely fills with smoke but then the wind draws it up through the hole in the top. It was so warm and cosy I almost wanted there to be a mad storm just so I could enjoy feeling snug. On our first morning we lit the gas stove and cooked vegetarian sausages, scrambled eggs and beans followed by some sweet coffee. The weather was typical for England at this time of the year - freezing cold rain one second and boiling hot sunshine the next. This didn't stop us going for a nice walk to the nearby village of Icklesham where we visited two local pubs (and enjoying some cider along the way of course). We first stopped in at The Robin Hood where we sampled a selection of ales, then we settled at The Queens Head where I ate one of my top lunches of all time - half a pint of prawns followed by lemon sole followed by treacle tart.
Some stone cold relaxing going on here

Coffee time! I love these enamel mugs

There were loads of animals hanging out all over the farm
You've got to make the most of the seafood when you're this close to the sea

Home sweet home

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