Friday, August 20, 2010

All the leaves are brown (nearly)

Ok I've thought about it, I'm ready for Autumn now. Here are a few things I plan to do before Christmas:

- Open a Brewery with my boyfriend. We're going to be starting with red wine, then mead, then ale and finally potcheen or 'Moonshine'. I had never heard of this Irish beverage before and I think it's going to require a post of it's own. Check the website! Ok there's nothing there but I get a massive kick out of the fact it exists. Can you guess where the brewery will be situated?

- Reap the harvest and turn it into Piccalilli, pickles and jam (if I know you in any capacity then you will probably receive one as a Christmas present). Now is the time to go to a pick your own farm like Garsons Farm for example and pick fruits and vegetables whilst they are in the peak of health. I love making preserves and getting stocked up for winter.

- Crack on with some knitting. Last year I was commissioned to knit a large fishwife style shawl. The main parts done but I've got to finish the border before I can do any personal projects. I've started carrying it around in my bag so I can whip it out during long bus journeys etc. and am finally making some progress.

That's it for now! This weather has brought to light the lack of transitional clothes in my wardrobe. I seem to have either tropical summer clothes or fisherman's jumpers and nothing in between. I'm hankering after some big wool jumpers, fresh t-shirts, ankle boots and more leggings. And gold rings? I want loads of gold rings. And a woolly scarf and hat. I might need some pendant necklaces too. Salvation Army here I come!

Actually I have a secret to share: The Bang Bang Clothing Exchange

This place is awesome. If you take the money you would spend on a dress at Topshop, you can get a second hand Paul & Joe, See by Chloe or Marc by Marc Jacobs somethingorother. If you have a spare £180 or so you can get yourself a Herve Leger bandage dress or Aquascutum coat. I checked out the men's section for the first time today on my hunt for jumpers. This was actually really fertile hunting ground but it's going to have to wait until payday!

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