Wednesday, August 11, 2010


At the weekend I was lucky enough to be a guest at a fairy tale wedding in the South of France.

The wedding was held at the beautiful Chateau La Durante. Seriously, you can rent this place for a long weekend and have the run of it to yourself. The Chateau was built in the 1800's but has recently been refurbished. Each room was crammed with antiques and 'obje d'art'. It felt really weird walking around unsupervised.
The Chateau had mega grounds including this medow, tennis courts and a swimming pool.
This was my outfit for the wedding day - A vintage slip dress of my Mum's from the 80's. It's supposed to be worn with a belt but I opted to shorten it and wear it loose. I scored these shoes in the sale at Bertie's here.
We were staying down the lane in an old farm house. This place was equally brilliant but completely different. It was a big old building and looked like it had been re-decorated at some point in the 50's and not touched since. Each bedroom was massive and had a different retro wall paper. Lazy as I am I only took a photo of one of them.

This was the view from our bedroom window, it was so silent, no cars or trains.
We picked some Hydrangea from the bushes outside our house and they got made into bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids. These bushes remind me of suburban England but on their own the flowers are really pretty. Apparently if the soil is acidic the flowers will be pink and if its Alkali they will be blue.
We had a brilliant time by the pool, the weather was amazing. At the wedding we danced the night away, ate crepes, smoked cigars and lit those paper lanterns that fly off into the sky when the air inside gets hot.
I forgot my camera, hence the iPhone pictures. I might do another post once other peoples photos begin to surface on Facebook and Flickr.

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