Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hackney Wicked

This weekend saw the Hackney Wicked arts festival take over my home town. There were bands on the roof, bands in the car park (as well as the usual band that reside in the unit below mine). There was a flea market, lots of open galleries, jerk chicken and many ciders.

Bunting! I've never got around to making this. I liked this bunting because it's double sided so you get a proper seam and two types of fabric.
I really liked this painting, there were a few more dotted around, should have taken photos of them too.
This is how I roll.
The roof was buzzin'
The car part was buzzin' too, bear in mind it's a lot bigger.
I'm really glad I got to check out Fish Island (it's there over the other side of the canal where that building is). It had a really tight community feel. I wondered into an open warehouse which took my breath away. It was huge, maybe 4 storeys? and open plan so you could see right up to the roof. They had little walkways around the edge with bedrooms leading off. I went to the top and got talking to a dude who runs a radio station out of the attic every day. There was a huge piece of fabric hanging up from the ceiling which reached down to the floor and he explained that one of the women who lived there did aerial silk? You know like in the circus. Awesome.

It aint no thing.

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