Monday, August 2, 2010

Secret Garden Party

Well where was I? Oh yes, camping. That was quite frankly ages ago but was brilliant. I had always assumed that The New Forest was pure lush woodland glades and cool shade but no! We hired bikes and went on an epic 15 mile cross country cycle over forest pathways, sandy heath and barren fields of burned grass and pony's. It felt exactly like cycling around Zelda (which I loved).

Since then I have been to The Secret Garden Party. Wow. This was BEYOND. Highlights included:

- Sitting up all night around a huge campfire at the Strummerville stage.
- Seeing my friends perform with their bands The Wild Wolves and Rum Shebeen.
- Getting a glitter makeover and a massage.
- Doing a yoga class on Saturday morning.
- Swimming in the lake (this was gross).
- Showering off the rancid lake water and having a sauna in a yurt.
- Drinking Mead.
- Seeing the City Shanty Band perform.
- Partying with the City Shanty Band.
- Watching some mud wrestling.
- Dancing at a medieval themed stage whilst the sun came up and the air swirled with straw.
- Eating some incredible festival food.
- Drinking hot chai at 5 in the morning in a cosy tent full of floor cushions.
- Confessing my sins to Tony Husband and having them interpreted as a cartoon.
- Spending 4 days with 4 amazing girlfriends.

As part of my costumes for the weekend I bought two wigs: One black bob and one curly blond one which looked like dead stock from the 80's. This was awesome, for £6 you can buy a completely different personality for the evening, I might start incorporating them into my every day life, they change the whole shape of your face.

Look # 1: Dolly Parton Glitter Explosion

Look # 2: Pulp Fiction meets Amelie

Definitely going back next year, I can't recommend it enough. Updates may be slow over the rest of the summer, lots going on.

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