Sunday, September 26, 2010


We went blackberry picking on Hampstead Heath yesterday. It was a bit late in the season so we had to clamber right into the thorny bushes to find any blackberries. Even so we got a respectable amount, destined to be turned into blackberry wine in a couple of weeks time. I was surprised at how small the berries were compared to the ones you grow in the garden but I suppose they're wild and that's what makes them special. Lots had already been picked but even more were rotting away on the bushes, I'm definitely going to go earlier next year to make the most of it.

I hadn't actually been to Hampstead Heath before and I loved it. We went to the Gospel Oak entrance and walked up the hill - such a beautiful view across London.

And speaking of wine making, The Loft Brewery is up and running. The first batch of wine is hanging out in the loft, maturing day by day. We're planning on bottling it next week so we can crack on with the next batch - probably blackberry wine (the berries are chillin in the freezer so they stay fresh and also break down better when we come to extract the juices).

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