Monday, October 25, 2010

Elvis is back in the building

I just wanted to share this cute story my Mum told me when we met up this weekend. There used to be an old lady who lived in our street who would walk up and down the street at night smoking cigarettes from a cigarette holder. Anyway she had a white cat called Elvis Presley. Elvis was a 'house' cat and would only leave the house for five minutes at a time, never straying too far. About 15 years ago the lady, lets call her Anne, died and my Mum assumed that Elvis had also bit the dust long ago. Anne's daughter in law now occupies the house and last week my Mum found her crying hysterically in the road knocking on doors asking if anyone had seen Elvis. It turned out that after about 19 years on this earth, Elvis had got frightened at the dustbin men that morning and run outside. After he had been gone 15 minutes, Anne's daughter in law, lets call her Susan began to get worried and after 24 hours she was inconsolable. That evening, at his usual dinner time, Elvis strolls back in through the cat flap as if it 'aint no thing.

This made me smile, the fact that Elvis is not only alive and kicking but isn't too old to be frightened by the dusbin men and camp out all night.

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