Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The work Halloween party was a huge success - the cake was gobbled up and we had many fine offerings this year, Here are some grainy iphone photos.

And today Ciaran and I bottled our wine! Just a reminder that you can read about our home brewing adventures at The wine hung out in the demijohn a few weeks longer than it should have done but we finally got round to bottling it today. The siphoning process was the cause of much hilarity as the bottles fill up way quicker than you think. I've got a glass in front of my now so here's my thoughts upon tasting our first wine...

It smells of wine. It tastes like wine too but its so so sweet. It's the sort of wine you might get if you went to an Indian restaurant where they offered a free bottle of wine when you order a set menu.

We've got another 5 bottles so I might have more tasting notes once I've had a chance to get used to it. We did the test...can't remember what it's called? The one that tests the alcohol percentage. Apparently our wine is 3.9% so we're thinking of calling it something like 'Drivers Delight'. Though we did a test on the bottle if wine we drank with dinner and that came up as 0% which can't be right because I feel quite pissed. Possibly we're doing it wrong. Anyway we went to Lidle and bought a load of grape juice so we're going to crack on with the next batch soon.

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