Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Every Halloween (and every Easter and Christmas come to think of it) we have a bake off at work. Those who bake compete against each other to be the bringer of the most impressive cake and those who don't bake bring a bottle of wine. The ratio of cakes to wine usually works out perfectly. In the past we have had home made Bakewell tart, marzipan petite fours, chocolate chip banana bread, peanut butter cookies, toffee apple cupcakes (Me!), ginger bread, Victoria sponge and Cinnamon buns.

This year I was inspired by this post on Epicute of a pumpkin shaped cake. Some Google research informed me that two cakes baked in a Bundt tin could be inverted to create a perfect pumpkin shape.

Bundt Tin

Well I don't have a bunt tin so I wont be doing that. Instead I will be making a delicious carrot cake with extra spices, juicy gratings of carrot and chopped Brazil nuts. I'm going to bake it in my cake tin which is slightly small in diameter and nice and tall. I'm going to put in extra baking powder to help it puff up nice and high. Then I'm going to cut it in half horizontally and spread a thick layer of vanilla cream cheese icing in between. Then I'm going to decorate it to look as much as a pumpkin as I can using fondant icing - this is the bit I'm most excited about! The baking is happening tonight and the decorating tomorrow night. I will update as I go - no doubt this will be a resounding success!

Here is a pumpkin made by some of my colleagues for the occasion:

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