Thursday, October 14, 2010


Just a quick one today to share some more photos of the shawl...

The colours here are way off - for some reason they've come out really yellow? The yarn is actually a really soft shade of moss green. My war against clothes moths is finally coming to an end. Every single item of clothing I own has either been washed or shoved in the freezer for a week. Most importantly this shawl and the remaining yarn escaped unscathed. The last stage will be to open my yarn stash which I keep in my Grandfathers old suitcase and inspect it for damage. Clothes moths are probably the most prevalent topic on this blog but honestly, nothing else induces the same fist shaking rage as delving into your wardrobe to find everything you love ruined.

I'm actually very excited to get home from work this evening and have a look at my stash - it's not very big and there won't be any (happy) surprises but it's somehow inspiring to have a range of textures and colours to pick up and feel, even if there only left overs not big enough for a real project. I'll try and share some pictures this evening.

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