Monday, November 29, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

I had dinner with my Mum last night and she told me all about a needle felting workshop she went to recently, run by one of her friends. Needle felting is a technique where you use pieces of un-spun wool and shape them using a very sharp needle with barbs at the end. You basically jab at the wool and this felts the fibers together, causing to to gradually get more and more solid.

She showed me an article in Decembers issue of World of Interiors magazine which inspired her, featuring the work of artist Domenica More Gordon. Domenica makes the most beautiful needle felted dogs - each with such endearing personalities.

Aren't they brilliant? You can read the full article on her website here.

Here are a few snapshots of my Mum's first attempt...

She's not very proud of it but I think he's lovely - he's not finished but you can already see the personality coming out. She came away with all this beautiful wool, some needles and a foam pad so I'm hoping to have a go myself when I visit for longer over Christmas.

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