Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home made decorations and mulled wine

Here are a few photos from Thursday night - I headed up to North London for an evening of mulled wine, good food and Christmas decoration making with Kate and Lauren.

Kate found these beautiful 1950's glass baubles on ebay - they're hand painted and are really fragile.

This mulled wine was delicious - we added sliced oranges and apples, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cardamon pods and sugar.

Kate making pomanders.

Lauren's origami spirals - you can see better photos and get a how-to here.

I made these paper chains using origami paper cut into strips - the whole strand only used 4 sheets...I'm not quite sure how because it came out really long. I love the look of them against the fireplace.

That melted mess you see in the grate is the remains of some church candles we put inside the fireplace to create a cosy glow. If you've got a fireplace I really recommend this - the flickering candles feel really cosy even though they're not throwing out any heat.

Here are some close ups of the tiles in the fireplace. We've also got fireplaces in the kitchen and bedrooms and in the floor outside the front door, the entrance to the 'coal chute' can still be seen. I love old houses with original features like this.

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