Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring into Spring!

1. Poppy Floral Bikini - Topshop
2. Leather Wedge Sandals - Yves Saint Laurent
3. Blue Scallop Hem Shorts - Topshop
4. Suedette Leggings - Topshop
5. Silk-Chiffon Blouse - 3.1 Philip Lim
6. Sailor Stripe Bow Hair Clip - American Apparel
7. Essie Nail Polish in Lapis of Luxury

Oh Top of the Pops I miss you! Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Booze Cruise

On Saturday Ciaran and I went on a little day trip to France. We got up at 6am and drove down to Dover to catch the ferry and arrived in Calais at about 11am, then drove straight to Boulogne-Sur-Mer and had a little look around. We went to the harbour and checked out the beach (from the car because it was pissing with rain) then had a little walk around the town (a bit like Hastings but in France) before heading to a supermarket to stock up on cheap wine (about 90p for a nice, drinkable Cote Du Rhone). Then in the evening we headed back to Calais and found a lovely restaurant for supper. The amuse bouche was a little pot of a cous cous type thing with a minty yogurt and crab meat. Then we shared a plate of pork liver pate, fruit and prosciutto, followed by moules frites.

Whilst we were in Boulogne we found a little cheese shop selling a huge range of French cheeses, all out on little wooden shelves. We bought four small goats cheeses - it came to about 10 Euros all together so total bargain. Heres a nice photo.

This was a really fun day trip, although this part of France isn't the most scenic. The ferry only cost £20 for a car and up to 7 passengers (lol not in my Ford KA) and you get 6 free bottles of wine. Basically you can't afford not to go.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Just a quick update to say that whilst stirring the blackberry and apple wine yesterday I took out the bung of the demijohn and smelt it. It smells exactly like those sweets you used to be able to get called 'Fruitellas' so this is what I'm going to name it. Primarily because then I use the tag line 'Too juicy for your Mum'. Like the advert from the 90's?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I could drink a case of you

Just a quick update to share our latest home brewing experiment. You may remember last September when Ciaran and I went to Hampstead Heath with the intention of picking a great many blackberries, only to realise that we were far too late and so returned with only some blackberries? We had originally hoped to make blackberry wine however soon realised that our meagre crop would not yield enough juice so I put them in the freezer. Out of sight = out of mind.

Then last week I had the idea of making an apple and blackberry wine - using apple juice to boost the juice content and make up for the blackberry short fall. After a bit of research (googling) I found this recipe which is nice and natural and uses sultanas to add flavour to the wine. I defrosted the blackberries then whizzed them up in a liquidiser before pressing them through a sieve to remove all the seeds. I ended up getting about half a litre of juice from them which I substituted for half a litre of apple juice and carried on with the recipe as normal. Its going to be summer time before the wine is ready to taste, but it's currently fermenting away in the kitchen which is a promising start.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Improvements

It's still the middle of winter but I'm really looking forward to introducing some plant life into my home this year. We don't have a garden but do have two large outdoor window ledges outside the bedroom and kitchen windows. Last summer I thought how nice it would be to grow some flowers outside my bedroom and some herbs outside the kitchen window. By this point though it was too late in the year and I had to shelve my gardening ambitions for the winter. Now I'm busy planning my window boxes and am looking forward to making a trip to the garden centre in March.

PS These lovely pictures are all from Vintage Holiday Crafts - a great site full of cute, free clip art.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

I finally feel like I'm getting back up to speed and ready to re-enter society as a useful and productive person (as opposed to someone who sits on the sofa all day alternating between Twin Peaks and The West Wing). Before I start looking forward to the year ahead (lie! I'm already doing it) here are a few photos from over the Christmas and New Year break.
Bushy Park - Boxing Day

Jasper in the snow

Christmas Cake



Jasper in the warm

Jasper by the fire


New Years Eve 2010

Me with the non winning cheese

Burning Lantern

And now for the resolutions:

I haven't made any.

Well actually I sort of have, my New Years blog resolutions are as follows:

- Post more regularly obvs.
- Take better quality photos (I know I'm breaking this one right here in my first post of 2011 but...I make the rules, this one starts a bit later)
- That's it.

Instead of lifestyle resolutions, I just thought about how I want to use this year and what nice things I want to do. After much reflection, it transpires that the most important things to me for 2011 are:

1) To go on holiday. A proper one with sun, sea, tropical fishes and all inclusive beer.
2) To go camping more. All the time in fact, every other weekend in the summer.
3) To utilise my new Kenwood Chef to the max and bake lots of cakes and bread (sorry blatant Christmas present drop).
4) Bust out my sewing machine.
5) Knit up a storm.
6) Brew some wine that's drinkable.
7) Brew some Ale.
8) Do Sunday papers and coffee at some of the lovely coffee shops in my local area.

Yay! On with 20011!