Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Booze Cruise

On Saturday Ciaran and I went on a little day trip to France. We got up at 6am and drove down to Dover to catch the ferry and arrived in Calais at about 11am, then drove straight to Boulogne-Sur-Mer and had a little look around. We went to the harbour and checked out the beach (from the car because it was pissing with rain) then had a little walk around the town (a bit like Hastings but in France) before heading to a supermarket to stock up on cheap wine (about 90p for a nice, drinkable Cote Du Rhone). Then in the evening we headed back to Calais and found a lovely restaurant for supper. The amuse bouche was a little pot of a cous cous type thing with a minty yogurt and crab meat. Then we shared a plate of pork liver pate, fruit and prosciutto, followed by moules frites.

Whilst we were in Boulogne we found a little cheese shop selling a huge range of French cheeses, all out on little wooden shelves. We bought four small goats cheeses - it came to about 10 Euros all together so total bargain. Heres a nice photo.

This was a really fun day trip, although this part of France isn't the most scenic. The ferry only cost £20 for a car and up to 7 passengers (lol not in my Ford KA) and you get 6 free bottles of wine. Basically you can't afford not to go.

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