Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

I finally feel like I'm getting back up to speed and ready to re-enter society as a useful and productive person (as opposed to someone who sits on the sofa all day alternating between Twin Peaks and The West Wing). Before I start looking forward to the year ahead (lie! I'm already doing it) here are a few photos from over the Christmas and New Year break.
Bushy Park - Boxing Day

Jasper in the snow

Christmas Cake



Jasper in the warm

Jasper by the fire


New Years Eve 2010

Me with the non winning cheese

Burning Lantern

And now for the resolutions:

I haven't made any.

Well actually I sort of have, my New Years blog resolutions are as follows:

- Post more regularly obvs.
- Take better quality photos (I know I'm breaking this one right here in my first post of 2011 but...I make the rules, this one starts a bit later)
- That's it.

Instead of lifestyle resolutions, I just thought about how I want to use this year and what nice things I want to do. After much reflection, it transpires that the most important things to me for 2011 are:

1) To go on holiday. A proper one with sun, sea, tropical fishes and all inclusive beer.
2) To go camping more. All the time in fact, every other weekend in the summer.
3) To utilise my new Kenwood Chef to the max and bake lots of cakes and bread (sorry blatant Christmas present drop).
4) Bust out my sewing machine.
5) Knit up a storm.
6) Brew some wine that's drinkable.
7) Brew some Ale.
8) Do Sunday papers and coffee at some of the lovely coffee shops in my local area.

Yay! On with 20011!

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