Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I could drink a case of you

Just a quick update to share our latest home brewing experiment. You may remember last September when Ciaran and I went to Hampstead Heath with the intention of picking a great many blackberries, only to realise that we were far too late and so returned with only some blackberries? We had originally hoped to make blackberry wine however soon realised that our meagre crop would not yield enough juice so I put them in the freezer. Out of sight = out of mind.

Then last week I had the idea of making an apple and blackberry wine - using apple juice to boost the juice content and make up for the blackberry short fall. After a bit of research (googling) I found this recipe which is nice and natural and uses sultanas to add flavour to the wine. I defrosted the blackberries then whizzed them up in a liquidiser before pressing them through a sieve to remove all the seeds. I ended up getting about half a litre of juice from them which I substituted for half a litre of apple juice and carried on with the recipe as normal. Its going to be summer time before the wine is ready to taste, but it's currently fermenting away in the kitchen which is a promising start.

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