Friday, February 11, 2011

Battersea Beer Festival

Last night we made an appearance at the Battersea Beer Festival. Conveniently located about 30 seconds from our front door, we rounded the corner to discover a queue wrapping round the sides of the Battersea Arts Centre. An hours wait later and we were inside sampling some of the delicious Ales and Ciders on offer.

I began the evening with Ale in the following order:

Allendale Brewery - Golden Plover 'Light refreshing blonde beer 4%'
This was gorgeous and hardly touched the sides, not too bitter either.

Ilkley Brewery - Sunset 'Mild amber, light perfumed aroma, balance of malt, fruit and hops with a plesant dry finish 4.4%'
This was really good too - a bit bolder than the Golden Plover with a nice aftertaste.

Saltaire Brewery - Blackberry Cascade 'Hoppy (cascade hops) beer infused with blackberries 4.8%'
Saltaire had a few fruit beers on and I was a bit nervous about trying it as I thought it might be a bit sweet and sickly (like how fruit wine can sometimes be? Not ours obviously). This was a lovely beer with a blackberry after taste that tasted like actual opposed to blackberry flavoured sweets you know?

Then we moved into the cider room. And that is where my commentary ends. I sampled quite a few, which is probably why I can't remember any names other than 'Gwynt y Ddraig Farmhouse - Medium' (ok I didn't 'remember' it as such, but recognised it when I looked at the programme). This for me was everything a cider should be - strong and dryish, smokey with an aftertaste that I fondly think of as a 'farmyard' taste but I'm not sure if this paints the correct picture in the minds of others. You can learn more about the Gwynt y Ddraig Brewery here. I've just learnt that their Farmhouse Scrumpy is available from Tesco's in a 3 litre box, so that's my summer sorted.

We came straight from work (as did many others, hence the hours queue) but next year I would like to come earlier to have more time to browse the ales and get some food (they had a good selection of hot snacks, mostly with an Indian influence.) Although the queue was a pain, it was worthwhile as inside it wasn't too crowded and there was plenty of room to stand and get served at the bar quickly. Well done Battersea Beer Festival, I will see you next year!

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