Friday, May 6, 2011

Dreaming about cakes

Do you ever get an urge to cook or bake something which has nothing to do with the eating but everything to do with the making? Like knitting, bread making is a thoroughly enjoyable activity when the time is right, regardless of how it turns out in the end. All the kneading and rising creates a sense of anticipation and achievement, coupled with the joy I always find in making something so good and useful out of so little ingredients.

I would say I have more of a savoury tooth than a sweet tooth - if I have a specific craving it's usually for scotch eggs, pork pies or a Thai Curry rather than chocolate. When I do bake a cake it tends to be of the more wholesome date & walnut, carrot or banana variety rather than the airy fairy confections which please the eye. Even so, I don't tend to make them very often, mostly because I, like most people, do not have the kind of metabolism which would allow me to eat half a Victoria sponge and expect my jeans to still fit two days later. I have come to the conclusion (right this second) that cakes are for sharing and spreading around.

Rather than make a cake (or more accurately, not make a cake) and fret about having to eat it all (or at least a third - there are three of us - or four if you count Toby, in our flat) or find that it has gone past it's best before we get to the end, I'm going to share the love. I'm going to bake cakes freely from now on - eat a slice myself while it's still warm, take a slice to work as a little treat, bring half in for my colleagues, send Ciaran off to work with a slab for his.

Funnily enough it's the pretty, fairy type cakes I am longing to bake now? A Victoria sponge with coloured butter cream icing. Piped roses! (squeezing icing out of an icing bag has always been a dream of mine). I think this Sunday is going to see some action centering around my mixer and oven - watch this space.

Luscious chocolate cake: Cupcakes and Cashmere

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