Monday, May 16, 2011

High-larity in Highgate

On Saturday I went up to North London to pay Kirsty and Seth a visit. We had a cup of tea and then hit the paves to check out their new neighbourhood of Highgate.

Whoops eyes closed.

Check out those seedlings! It's always lovely to have some outside space to grow your own flowers and vegetables. My own humble herb pots are thriving on the kitchen window ledge and make so much difference to my cooking.

We went for a walk around the estate's communal gardens (which are vast might I add!) which includes this greenhouse - perfect for growing delicate veg like lettuce.

A stone at the edge of the pond reminds us that these flats used to be for ladies only. Lady workers in fact!

Not pictured: Big fat tadpoles.

After taking a tour of the gardens we walked on to some of the local parks including the pretty Waterlow Park.

Stopped off for a cup of tea at this charming tea shop: High Tea of Highgate. I can recommend the almond tea but they also stock the delicious Marine Ices.

Check out the view from the roof!

Thanks for having me guys!

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