Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There hasn't been much knitting news on this blog lately (not since I finished this jumper last June in fact). That's not to say I haven't been busy working away behind the scenes, in fact that's exactly what I've been doing, every single day. For the last two years I have been working on a commission and finally, the end is in sight.

Working on this project has been a great experience in many ways but it has taken me a lot longer than I expected and there have definitely been times when I have regretted taking on something so big. It's like any undertaking when you get to the point where you've gone too far to turn back but can't see it ever coming to an end and the temptation is to just give up. I've learned from this project that if I just do a little bit, every day, I will get to the finish. For me it was knitting on the bus on the way to and from work which helped me turn a corner - having an hour and a half to knit every day, without sacrificing any of my evening or weekend time made all the difference and I seemed to gain momentum when I realised that I could get it finished after all.

I know I haven't given much away here but I don't really want to say any more - in case I get home and discover Toby has shredded the whole thing, or that one piece is much bigger than the other (actually have already been there but that's another story) or that I sew it together and it turns out so badly that I have to go and bury myself in a hole in the ground. In my head however, I am quietly getting excited about finishing this project this coming weekend and having the time to knit, sew, decoupage, upholster, stencil or print anything I want.

For lack of a work-in-progress photograph, here is a piece of knitwear that caught my eye recently - I stumbled across it whilst looking at a hair tutorial on A Cup Of Jo isn't this stripy pullover lovely? It's from Cardigan. I'd be tempted to try to knit something similar but can you imagine trying to get all those stripes to line up on the shoulder seams??

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