Thursday, August 11, 2011

That time of year again

Image from: The Happy Campers

With everything that's been going on in London (and at the end of my road in fact) I'm looking forward to a camping trip in the New Forest this weekend. This is on my 'must do' list every summer - busting out of work on time, jumping in the car and driving as far out of London as possible on a Friday night before pitching a tent in the dark, opening a bottle of red and rustling up a late night BBQ is one of my favourite ways to spend the weekend.

Image from: Toast

A camping weekend is always brilliant whether it rains or shines (if you keep your clothes in the car) but I also really enjoy the two evenings of preparation preceeding the trip (necessary to ensure we can just throw ourselves in the car and go as soon as we get home). I think when I come back from this trip I will share my recipe for a perfect camping weekend - what to pack and what to do. But for now I'm busy picking up the last bits and pieces of equipment (gas, charcoal, wine) and looking forward to an evening of food preparation(home made burgers and sticky marmalade tea cake).

In the meantime, check out the Happy Campers website for inspiration and ideas on camping in the UK - from advice on wild camping to recipes and games.

Also isn't this Falcon Enamelware beautiful? I have a small pie dish at home and saw lots of their enamel plates in camping shops last year, this year I've been searching high and low and haven't been able to find any! Such a shame!

Image from: Falcon Enamelware

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