Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chutney & Jam

My Mum has a tiny plum tree in her back garden and every year it produces more plums than we can handle. I popped round a few weeks ago to harvest a few (carrier bags full) and turned them into this plum chutney. This is a Delia Smith Recipe and is fast becoming an annual tradition for my Mum and I. This year I boiled it for a bit too long so the results are a lot darker and stickier than usual. I still think it will still be a winner - I won't know until November though, they'll be hanging out in the larder until then to allow time for the vinegar taste to mellow.

I also made the annual pilgrimage to Garson's Pick Your Own Farm to pick these strawberry's. I followed another Delia recipe for strawberry jam. I reckon everyone should have a go at making it at some point in their life. The smell of delicious strawberry's slowly breaking down with the sugar fills the whole house.

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