Friday, January 6, 2012


Whilst staying with my Mum over Christmas I came across these Pantone colour specifiers from her graphic design days. Pantone make everything these days from mugs to mouse mats - sometimes I think they've spread the brand a little thin.

It's nice to see it in its original, functional form. My Mum explained to me that back in the day, once you had come up with your design and were ready to go to print, you attached these little colour swatches to the finished work, then the printers would know exactly which shade to mix up by following a specific recipe, so that the colour they came out with at their end was the exact colour she had chosen at her end.

My first thought upon looking at these books was WEDDING PLANNING! But they would be great tools for making mood boards or any kind of design even if they're not going to be translated into printing ink

Photo from Love My Dress

Photo from Love My Dress

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