Thursday, January 5, 2012

Toby Is 1!

Sweet cat is 1 year old this month! So crazy to think he was just a twinkle in his Daddy's eye this time last year, or a little peanut kitten in his Mums tummy at least. He was a tough kitten to track down - every breeder we looked at had a waiting list. Then we found a breeder who's customer had put their name down for a kitten but decided at the last minute that they were not quite ready. We were delighted! Only problem was, the breeder lived in Glasgow. A few weeks and a 20 hr round trip in the car Toby was home.

Our lives are so much richer for having him here - every night he sleeps on our bed, sometimes getting up in the night to stand on my shoulder like a mountain goat whilst sniffling my ear. Every morning while I'm in the bathroom getting ready two furry little arms come reaching under the door, ready to whisk away a stray cotton wool ball or pair of pants (I know now to keep my fingers well away). During the day he sprawls out on our bed and sleeps, getting up in the evening and tearing around the house doing gymnastics.

We'll be having a little Birthday party for Toby towards the end of this month, a cat party if you will!


  1. Awww so cute!! happy new year!!



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