Friday, January 13, 2012


Well this week has zoomed past? This weekend I am planning on making a pear and walnut loaf (hopefully this will go well and I'll have a delicious recipe to share here afterwards!) and visiting my Mum for tea and cake and a rummage through the attic. We've got a couple of wedding dresses stashed away up there so are planning on shaking off the dust and seeing if there's anything that could be re-worked for my dress! I'm keeping an open mind about my dress - it might end up being short, long, home made or designer. I've never had a picture in my head of what my 'dream wedding dress' would look like which makes this part of the planning process quite fun!

Photo via Cup of Jo

There is one thing I'm certain of though...I am going to get myself an absolutely fantastic pair of shoes!

Photo via Ruffled Blog

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