Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is the meaning of this?

Back in the days of yore, flowers were used to convey messages - isn't that a sweet idea? When Kate married Prince William last year she chose lily-of-the-valley to symbolise the return of happiness, Sweet William for Gallantry, Hyacinth for constancy of love, Ivy for marriage, wedded love, affection and friendship as well as myrtle the 'emblem of marriage'.

I had a look online to see what my favourite flowers meant...

Hydrangeas ran amok in the suburban front gardens where I grew up. Out of this context they look dreamy and magical - did you know that the colours range from pink to blue depending on if the soil is acidic or alkaline? I googled their meaning: Thank you for understanding, frigidity and heartlessness. Ha!

Photo borrowed from here.

My Mum grows these roses which are the exact same colour and smell as pink marshmallows. I can imagine the smell of them now - it reminds me of birthday parties in the back garden when I was little. Mum - do you know what kind of rose bush it is? The flowers are really delicate. Apparently a pale pink rose means grace and joy. I'll settle for that.

Photo via Pinterest

Got the photo here.

Peonies are so soft and pretty! They convey a message of Bashfulness and...shame? Really? Maybe they mean it like in a sort of modest, 'don't look at me kind of a way?

Hey since I'm marrying an Irishman maybe I should have some shamrocks in my bouquet? They symbolise lightheartedness, sounds about right.

If you want to have fun with flower meanings, I did my research here.

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