Tuesday, February 7, 2012

50 Words For Snow

Have you heard Kate Bush's new album? Of course you have, it's been out for ages. I only heard it for the first time very recently when my Sis bought it for me for Christmas. I love it! Thanks Flo. So frosty and magical - perfect for the cold snap we're in the middle of.

Photo via pinterest

There are so many amazing photos of Kate on Pinterest it's taken me all evening to choose this one.

The snow in London is melting, though there are still a few patches here and there in the grass. I spent the weekend in Birmingham visiting a good friend and the snow fell all day on Saturday. We took the dog for a walk, went to an exhibition of ten drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci at the Birmingham Museum (check them out - they're touring round England and they're free) and braced the snow drifts in order to go out for dinner and mulled cider.

Happy February!

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