Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kale Crisps

Kale crisps had been hovering around in my peripheral vision for a little while - winking at me from the shelf in Whole Foods, popping up in my favourite food blogs. The other evening I found myself home alone with a bag of kale and decided to take the plunge.

I followed THIS recipe and I would recommend it to anyone. My New Roots is an inspiring, delectable and beautifully presented blog offering mouthwatering and nutritional vegetarian recipes.

I'm on pretty good terms with kale in general - I like it whizzed round a hot pan with some garlic, ginger and chili as an accompaniment to fish or softened in a little butter in place of cabbage with sausage and mash. Kale crisps are definitely a level up and I couldn't imagine how baked greens could in any way be as nice as kettle chips or even skips! How wrong I was.

Try the recipe for yourself - I substituted the maple syrup with honey and the tamari with a dash of soy sauce. I also added a generous sprinkle of chili flakes. As soon as the baking tray was cool enough to pick up I stood in front of the oven and ate the lot.

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