Monday, March 5, 2012

Red Velvet Layer Cake

I am planning on making our wedding cake myself so this weekend my good friend Anna came to stay and we spent Saturday baking a trial run. We chose a two tiered red velvet cake covered in fondant icing and I’m so glad we tried this as I learnt so much! As with most things in life, making a fondant covered cake look neat and professional turned out to be a lot harder than it looked. We used this Lorraine Pascal recipe (she is the queen of making difficult things look easy!) but made the top two tiers only.

We followed the recipe for the small and medium tier and got the two cakes both in the oven at the same time. Whilst they cooled down we whipped up a big (too big!) batch of vanilla butter cream icing. We sliced each cake in half before sandwiching them back together with a layer of butter cream. We then covered the cakes completely in butter cream before popping them in the fridge for ½ hour. This was the trickiest part as you have to get the buttercream layer completely smooth with sharp, neat corners in order for the fondant icing to sit on top smoothly. When it came to the decorating we had ambitious ideas let me tell you (sugar roses featured heavily in my imagined version) however, we looked at the time and realised that we only had 10 minutes before our taxi arrived to whisk us and the cake out to Anna’s Birthday dinner. Hence the swiggly wiggly lines of icing running down the sides in the photo below. Don’t laugh!

Happy Birthday Anna! 

If you would like to try this recipe you can find it here.


  1. Beutiful! you should open a business of wedding cakes :)

  2. Thank you! More practice definitely needed on the decorating front first but it was delectable x

  3. Wow looks delicious Chloe, looking forward to sampling when we are next over. Xxx


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