Sunday, April 8, 2012

Croque Monsieur Cups...

Good morning and Happy Easter! Today felt like the perfect opportunity to try out a recipe that I've had my eye on for a while. These are Rachel Khoo's Croque Monsieur cups which were featured on the first episode of The Little Paris Kitchen (you can watch it on iplayer here). I love Rachel's style of cookery - paring everything down to the basic components and keeping it simple.

This recipe puts a different spin on a French classic and somehow makes it lighter and more modern. Instead of a heavy sandwich dripping with melted cheese and bechamel sauce, you have a crispy little cup just big enough to hold an egg, some ham, a little bechamel sauce and some grilled gruyere cheese.

I took 4 x slices of bread and cut off the crusts (though I must admit I couldn't quite face using sliced white bread like Rachel does, I settled for some wholegrain Vogel's instead). I then flattened them with a rolling pin before brushing them with melted butter and folding them carefully into a muffin tin. I then tore up some strips of roast ham and tucked them into the bottom of the cups before cracking an egg on top. I used Rachel's tip of not putting in all the egg white to leave room for the sauce. I whipped up a quick bechamel (with plenty of black pepper and grated nutmeg) and spooned this on top, followed by some crumbled gruyere cheese. I grilled them for about 10 minutes before carefully lifting them out of the muffin tin.

These are quick, easy and delicious. They also really feel like a treat which is perfect for Easter Sunday!

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