Monday, April 2, 2012

Here comes the sun...

What a sunny few days we've had! According to the Metro we can expect snow in Scotland and parts of England from tomorrow but on this bright and breezy afternoon I just can't believe it. What new clothes will you be treating yourself to this Spring? I'm finding myself drawn to everything coral and orange at the moment - lovely bright sorbet shades. Here's a few bits and pieces currently on my wish list...

I've got lots of sweet treats to share with you this week as we approach Easter so watch this space.


  1. Love those colors. We have been having a very warm Spring here already in Florida. I think Summer will be brutal! I say lots of shorts,tank tops and sandals headed our way!

    Looking forward to your Easter post.



    1. Thank you Marie :) Mmmmmm I could certainly do with some of that Florida warmth here in London today - Bring on the summer!


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