Thursday, May 24, 2012

Horray for Summer!

Citizens of Clapham! Did you know that The Pepper Tree do an offer from Monday to Thursday whereby you can get a Thai curry with rice plus a cinema ticket for the Picturehouse  for £13.50? That's either a practically free meal or a practically free cinema ticket depending on how you look at it. Ciaran and I dropped in last night with our buddies Graham & Sarah from the flat downstairs - I went for the super spicy and nose hair burning Pepper Tree curry, delectable. We went to see the new Avengers film, I have never grown out of superheros. They'll be some sore heads this morning - the common was still pretty packed when we walked home at midnight - first day of summer eh?

These jolly ice creams were enjoyed in Beaumaris during our trip to Anglesea.

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