Thursday, May 10, 2012

Latest cake creation...

I was recently asked to make a special cake for a First Holy Communion celebration. It was a challenge to come up with a fitting cake for such an important occasion! For this cake I created a moist honey and vanilla sponge complimented by a zingy lemon buttercream icing. I went for a classic cross shape which didn't need much adornment, just a few sugarpaste roses to finish it off.

I decorated the cake with three sugar paste roses. The first time I tried my hand at making roses I left the finished flower in a bowl on the kitchen counter to dry before popping out. When I returned I found the rose smashed on the kitchen floor and a very guilty looking Toby Cat sat in the opposite corner of the house! This was a beast of a cake - probably the biggest I've ever made. Luckily it went down a storm. Watch this space for more exciting cake news soon!


  1. Looks amazing Chloe, your sugar roses are perfect and mmm, I just love the sound of vanilla and honey sponge!!

  2. Looks amazing!

  3. It WAS amazing, VERY yummy and the subject of many conversations for the whole weekend !!! You may have a few commissions for the future xx

  4. Thank you! There's going to be all sorts of baking going down over the next few weeks so watch this space!


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