Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Colourful Bracelet DIY

This blog is named after one of my favourite books - Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. I love how the heroine, Flora Poste takes everyone in hand and solves their problems one by one. One of my favourite lines is a piece of advice Flora gives to Elfine 'do for heavens sake, avoid orange linen jumpers and hand wrought jewelry'. Wise words but this weekend I decided to ignore them after stumbling across this brilliant bracelet DIY tutorial over on Honestly WTF. They're so cheery and colourful I had to have a go myself.

How great are these? I bought the supplies from Beadworks in Covent Garden. This place is a quiet little haven of craftiness right in the centre of the west London. I'm glad I went in with a specific project in mind or my magpie tendencies could have meant that I ended up with half the shop.

The tubular beads are gold filled - similar to gold plated except the gold is bonded on with heat so is tougher. The little round beads are brass and the thread is waxed cotton. All in all they worked out at £2.80 each. Round here that's what we call a billy bargain! I'm glad I managed to steer myself away from the neutral colours I was eying up and literally forced myself to take the orange, turquoise and pink thread, they're a nice little hit of colour during this particularly damp summer.

I can't wait to try this bracelet DIY next and then this one! Here is the original inspiration from Honestly WTF...

Image from Honestly WTF

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  1. can you order them? because i only have 8 on my left wrist now haha.. and i want more:)


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