Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's the dawning of the age of Aquarius...

Festivals and Christmas are the two bookends of the year for me and guess which one it's time for now? Time to cut the legs off of your oldest jeans and make a flower crown! I'm going to be celebrating and idolising the Festival here on Stone Cold Comfort all week long. Let's start by daydreaming about Woodstock - 3 days of peace and music in August 1969. Woodstock may be done and dusted but you can still peace out at whatever festival you find yourself at this year with the following awesome accoutrements...

From the top:
1. Crazy fringed bikini by Tori Praver
2. Leather belt by Mulberry 
3. Shorts by Topshop 
4. Bag by Topshop 
5. Sandals  by Jimmy Choo

My fantasy packing list for Woodstock circa 1969 would be a brown suede sleeveless jacket / shirt with fringing all down the back and along the sleeves, my levi cut offs from real life which would happily travel back in time, a dirty red bandana and my cowboy boots bought from The Real Mccoy in Exeter many years ago and which I wore until they ripped in half when putting them on one morning.

It was actually a real struggle to find clothes which exactly matched my idea for what Woodstock Style is - I think you would have better luck rummaging through your Mum's loft. Think plaited leather belts, filthy shorts, suede jackets, bracelets, and hats.

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