Saturday, July 7, 2012

Secret Garden Party

My first festival awakening came two years ago when the planets aligned an my girls Maddi, Rachel, Hannah, Ciara and I were available and organised enough to get ourselves down to Secret Garden Party. And what a radical time we had! Secret Garden Party was absolutely magical. It's a smallish site but every inch is ram jammed with excitement - it's a feast for the eyes!

If you're going this year (lucky you!) then you'll certainly need a flower crown and I have an awesome tutorial coming up next week.

You can read all about my Secret Garden Party weekend back in 2010 here. Until next year, here a few pics to re-kindle my memories...

My first ever flower crown! You can see the tutorial for the one I made last year here.

Loving Maddi's flowery head scarf!
Gorgeous (fake) fur coat!
Partying in the hay.
A spot of mud wrestling?
Candles in jam jars provided pretty lighting for our pie minister feast.
Cosying around the campfire.
Hope looking beautiful.
Me wigging out.

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