Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Details from the weekend...

My friends Kate & Martin have the best style when it comes to interiors. Their house in Wiltshire is a treasure trove of beautiful bits and pieces - every object is unique and full of character. They're still in the process of decorating but the house is looking fantastic already. Kate's tips for finding beautiful objects for the home? Charity shops, antiques shops, car boot sales and ebay. So many of the beautiful bits and pieces that make their home so special come from charity shops and only cost a few pounds. Once they're taken out of this context and put in their home they look like precious antiques! I'm glad I bought my camera along and had the chance to capture some of the details...

Bath time! We woke on Saturday morning to a bright, clear sky.
Time to get the fire going.
Don't fresh flowers make such an impact? These are locally grown Dahlias.
Bright red tomatoes in a lettuce leaf bowl.
A beautiful pink glass jug for the flowers.
A slice of wholemeal toast to start the day.
And...bucks fizz!
Shady street.
I loved the illustration on the front cover of this book!
My two favourite girls!
Despite the sunshine it was cold enough to rock a (fake) fur coat.
A spot of out of town antiques rummaging in the village of Frome, Somerset.
I know what Ciaran would have had for lunch...
'I should have known'
We stopped for a lovely lunch at The Garden Cafe.

And saw a sweet little robin!
Delicious tapas!
Home to the fire, and a mushroom and ale pie!
I love this green velvet arm chair.
The fire cat.
My favourite, Devonshire cider!
Beautiful rum cask cider bought back from Kate & Martin's holiday.
Black Russians!
Kate has this amazing book which matches cocktails to old black & white hollywood movies. We watched 'Anna Christie' - Greta Garbo's first talking film and drank a delicious ginger cocktail which I've forgotten the name of! It had whisky, ginger beer and something else...Kate can you help me out?
I covet this 1920's mirror.
Colourful flowers in the bathroom are such a nice touch!
 I hope you enjoyed these little snapshots of my weekend. I picked up a few new bits and pieces of my own while I was away - I'll hopefully get a chance to share them later in the week!

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