Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of Summer, beginning of Autumn inspiration...

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Maybe it's time for some beautiful printed bed linen? I love these angle poise lamps - perfect for reading in bed on dark mornings with a cup of coffee and a cat. They look so striking against the white walls.

I love thick woolly socks - perfect for keeping your toes cosy in wellies or slippers. These are from Toast but The Natural Shoe Store stock Hirsch socks which are similar (or you could of course knit your own!).

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Pretty tea cups make it a little bit easier to wake up in the mornings - I love the colourful range at Anthropologie.

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I love the rustic indoor / outdoor vibe of this room - the open fire and wood keeps it cosy.

Misty mornings in Richmond Park.

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Bed head milkmaid braids and a paisley patterned dressing gown - this photo will inspire me to not pull on a pair of tracksuit bottoms the second I get home. Gorgeous dressing gown from Toast.

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Aren't these carved wooden pumpkins sweet?

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I've got a horrid cold and feel in need of some cosy, homely inspiration today. Any home remedy suggestions or recipes would be very welcome!


  1. Large bowl of hot water and eucalyptus oil, towel over head, face - meet steam - steam, face. Deep breaths.

    1. Yes! How had I forgotten about this? Thank you - I think a trip to Neal's Yard will be on the cards for tomorrow!

  2. Also, yes, definitely time for beautiful printed bedlinen. and DEFINITELY DEFINITELY time for that dressing gown.


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